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The PI Mickey Jones series:


Texas Rangers are hard to kill. Since 1823, the year the Rangers came into existence to quell a spate of Indian raids in the Mexican province of Texas, less than one percent have died in the line of duty — only four since 1935.
Add one to that list. But Frank Carter wasn’t shot in the middle of an arrest or a drug bust or a gunfight. He was sitting at his desk when someone put a bullet through him. This is the twenty-first century. Who would dare walk into a room and shoot a retired Texas Ranger — in particular, this Ranger, a man possessed of a heroic reputation?

Pursuit of Carter’s killers has more twists than a horse’s gut. And the chase threatens to cost Mickey Jones her PI license, her rights before the bar, her freedom, . . . and maybe her life.

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the sequel to ONE DEAD RANGER featuring PI Mickey Jones

In One Dead Ranger Mickey Jones and Jackson Cobb took down a meth operation in West Texas. A Mexican cartel is now minus a pipeline into lucrative U.S. markets. Retribution by the cartel worries her. But months go by without an attempt to kill her, and the threat posed by the cartel seems diminished. Except for going everywhere armed, Mickey takes few precautions, reasoning the cartel is busy with its own turf battles at home. Mickey is proven wrong and is thrust into a chase spanning the riches of Highland Park and Scottsdale, the no-limit baccarat tables of Las Vegas, and the high-end boatyards of San Diego. Along the way, she picks up a special ops lover, a growing number of skilled and unusual companions, and a vicious cartel hitman known as La Serpiente, the snake, and she discovers something worse than drugs is in the cards.


The third novel in the Mickey Jones, PI series.

Six blocks from her high school a girl of fifteen is abducted. She is transported hundreds of miles from home and readied for sale. Her father follows and searches for her. But time is running out. If he doesn’t find her soon, she’ll become a rich man’s sex slave and personal organ bank.

Mickey Jones is hiding in the same area. The girl’s father seeks her help, but she fears discovery if she reveals her true identity.

Mickey is presumed dead. The cartel boss who shot her in San Diego wants to see a body before accepting she’s gone.

Mickey is faced with a terrible choice: Turn the father away and let the girl’s sale proceed; or help rescue the girl and expose herself and those with whom she is in hiding to mortal danger.

Independent Novels:



Murders on the mountain where he skis will involve Max and Mattie Yaeger in a quest for a fortune buried in Swiss vaults more than half a century ago and entrust them with the safety and care of two adolescent girls. Girls who might, in some other existence, be their grandchildren were it not for an accident on a lonely stretch of highway in a winter storm. The seemingly senseless murders will bring Max and Mattie face to face with the great tragedy of an earlier generation. A tragedy directed by a tyrant whose canpaign for racial purity led to unbelievable horrors. The horrors of The Holocaust.



Two men, one ordinary, the other of incredible wealth, share a terrible fate: the loss of the loves of their lives. The same day. One of them, the apparently ordinary one, is anything but ordinary—he harbors a dark secret.
Harry Shaughnessy never imagines this could happen to him, again. But on what promises to be the best day of his life, the girl of his dreams, his wife of thirty-one years, becomes a collateral victim during a Baltimore bank robbery. Police identify the members of the gang, but there isn’t enough evidence to bring them to trial. If they are to face justice, Harry must commit acts he thought long buried, buried with the boy’s name he once carried.

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