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Michael is not immune to gazing out the window at his wonderful view of the Wasatch mountains: snow-capped in winter, green in spring, russet and tan in summer, dappled in vibrant ochres and reds in autumn. Always inspiring. So it is strange that such a wonderful view should give flight to imaginings of murder. But murder it is, or the attempt of it, whether that of a retired Texas Ranger (One Dead Ranger), a seemingly ordinary man's wife (Unsanctioned), an international film maker (Murder On The Mountain), a private investigator (The Snake), or a fifteen year old girl (Skin). The how of it is intriquing but less so than the why of it. Sometimes the act itself is  casual, unthinking. Sometimes the killing is very deliberate. Sometimes the murder is not of the body but of the soul. Whatever the nature of the murder, there must be a balancing of the scales. Murderers must pay for their crimes. Sometime. Somewhere. Somehow. And so there are those who bring about justice, not always sanctioned to do so and not always within the law. They are the most interesting of all.


Michael has lived all over the United States, been north and south of the border, and traveled in central Europe. The settings in all of his stories are places he's lived or spent a good deal of time. His formal education includes degrees in chemistry, graduate work in business and economics, and specialized study in economic development theory and practice. He's worked in the Aerospace/Defense Industry, the Chemical Industry, private and public economic development, and commercial real estate. All of those endeavors were both interesting and challenging, but none of them gave him as much satisfaction as writing fiction.


His fondest wish is that readers derive as much pleasure reading his tales as he does spinning them.

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