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 The third novel in the PI Mickey Jones series

Six blocks from her high school a girl of fifteen is abducted. She is transported hundreds of miles from home and readied for sale. Her father follows and searches for her. But time is running out. If he doesn’t find her soon, she’ll become a rich man’s sex slave and personal organ bank.

Mickey Jones is hiding in the same area. The girl’s father seeks her help, but she fears discovery if she reveals her true identity and provides the assistance he requires.

Mickey is presumed dead. But does the cartel boss who shot her believe the reports of her death? She figures the high-dollar contract Carlos put out on her after she and her partner cut off his meth conduit into the U.S. is still in force. The narcotraficante wants to see a body before accepting she’s gone.

Mickey is faced with a terrible choice: Turn the father away and let the girl’s sale proceed; or help rescue the girl and expose herself and those with whom she is in hiding to mortal danger.

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